IT Hosting Business Continuity and Security Statement

Built and Managed with Reliability and Security in mind

Our Network

Production server equipment is located at two physically separate data centres in Australia. One primary production site and one secondary redundant site.No server or data is located overseas.

sideEffekt employs strong security policies across all hosted servers and workstations. Security logs are monitored to identify potential attacks or unauthorised access to data. sideEffekt has partnerships with leading hardware and software vendors for the purposes of protecting our entire network. Partners include Microsoft, StorageCraft, ESET, Cisco, Citrix, Redhat and Lenovo.

sideEffekt maintains subscriptions with major vendors to ensure that all hardware and software is patched at recommended levels. All services are behind two levels of firewalls (from two different vendors) and in most cases a secure gateway protected via Digital SSL certificates (up to 2048 Bit SSL) so access from your device to the data centre is encrypted securely and totally private.

For details of our Primary data centre see

Upon request we can arrange to take you through for a tour of the primary data centre.

Disaster Recovery & Data Backup

Local data and physical redundancy in the primary data centre: Your data is backed up locally to two different redundant backup servers nightly. Some services are replicated to backup servers live throughout the day (additional services upon request) We maintain redundant servers in our secondary data centre, fully configured with all software and data, so that in the unlikely event of a failure of any of the main servers, the backup servers will be available, pre-loaded with the most recent production data and software.

Replication of data from our primary to secondary data centre: Critical data is replicated continuously using CDR technology from the primary to secondary data centres throughout the day. This allows us to failover your resources to the secondary site in the event of a lengthy outage at the primary data centre.

Replication of data to our Third data centre: Daily offsite backups. Once per day a further copy of all data is copied to our tertiary data centre ensuring redundancy in the unlikely event of a failure of the primary and secondary data centres. Once per month full physical images of every server in the primary data centre are transported to the tertiary data centre and stored in case of disaster. Its important to note that ALL data that is stored offsite is password protected and encrypted.

Additional replication points including client sites: Upon request, we offer the option of having an additional copy of your data stored at a site of your choice. Your data is backed up at the primary data centre, replicated to the secondary data centre and an additional copy is then sent once per day (or more often at your request) to a device on your site giving you another redundancy point. This option is useful to meet any legislation or company concerns you may have.