Cloud Solutions

About Managed Cloud

Our managed cloud products can be consumed as private cloud, public cloud or on premise cloud solutions. Moving to a cloud solution is a cost effective option, giving you access to more technology for a
known monthly cost. You no longer need to replace hardware once it becomes redundant nor upgrade to newer versions of operating systems, Microsoft office software etc, as these upgrades are all automatically done, included in your monthly fee. For business growth, its a smaller outlay to increase staff numbers or computing power. Technology costs become a smaller monthly operating cost, rather than a large capital outlay every few years.

 Private Cloud 

A managed private cloud solution is one where we supply the technology as a monthly subscription service. As we supply the technology, we have total control over the cloud environment, members of
sideEffekt are the only people that can access it, we can quickly and easily upgrade your services when required and importantly, data sovereignty is assured as all of your data remains within Australia. Localised issues such as power failures or internet outages no longer cause extensive downtime when utilising the private or public cloud. Everyone can work from home if needed as your cloud systems can be accessed from anywhere with any internet connection. Private cloud offerings are such things as virtual private servers, dedicated hardware servers, application hosting, email and web hosting, backup and disaster recovery solutions. In the event you need support or if there is a disaster, you are dealing directly with sideEffekt. Private cloud gives you access to almost unlimited resources, automatic load balancing and failover.

You can utilise our Managed Data Protection product to backup your data at regular intervals. Copies of your data can be stored in an on premise and/or public cloud.

 Public Cloud 

A managed public cloud solution is where your technology is provided by a 3rd party, such as Microsoft (Azure, Microsoft/Office 365), Amazon (AWS) or Google (G Suite & Google Apps Engine). We can provision your public cloud services, manage your migration to a public cloud, off er training for the solution and in the case of servers off er maintenance and monitoring for that server. Localised issues such as power failures or internet outages no longer cause extensive downtime when utilising the private or public cloud. Everyone can work from home if needed as your cloud systems can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. In the event of a disaster, we can liaise with the 3rd party on your behalf.

You can utilise our Managed Data Protection product to backup your data at regular intervals. Copies of your data can be stored in the private cloud and/or an premise cloud.

 On Premise Cloud 

This is a Private Cloud set up at your premises. You have the infrastructure at your premises, the hardware can be owned by your business or paid as a monthly subscription service. You can still take advantage of subscription services for Microsoft and all other Managed Service products.

The main differences between an on premise solution and a Private Cloud in our data centre Sydney are :

Single point of failure – If you were to have a power outage you cannot work until power is restored. In the data centre there are multiple generators and power sources. Internet outages mean remote workers cannot access until the internet has been restored and if your email is local to you, external emails cannot be sent or received. In the data centre, there are multiple redundant internet connections.

Capacity – In the event of hardware failure, then you will have downtime until the issue has been resolved or new parts have been supplied. In the data centre, if we were to experience hardware failure we would simply move your services to another server in that data centre. If you have an on premise solution, in the event of a major disaster such as fire, flood or theft, you would need to wait until a new server is supplied, installed and reconfigured. With a data centre solution, these issues become extremely unlikely as the data centre has fire suppression systems and high end security systems.

If you do have an on premise cloud solution, we recommend also having our Managed Data Protection product. This product backs up your data to the private cloud and/or public cloud and in the event of a major disaster such as fire, flood or theft, we can have you up and running quickly from the private or public cloud. You and your staff can then connect via any internet connection and continue working until all on premise hardware and services are restored.

Do you need Managed Services if you are in the private or public cloud?

Managed Services are a complementary product, rather than a competing one, to the cloud. We can provide migration, integration and education services as well as ongoing management services, not only for your cloud solutions but also for all of your devices in the office, at home or on the road, connecting to that service.

Having a Managed Service layer over your cloud solutions means you are talking to the same people that understand your business technology every time, for all of your needs, whether they be on premise,
private cloud or public cloud.

 Virtual Private Server 

What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

In simple terms, a physical server is compartmentalised into multiple servers that each has their own operating system, software, users and permissions. It is a way to take full advantage of the hardware server’s processing power but allow a number of different customers to have their own server, sharing the cost of the equipment. Should you require extra memory, processing or storage space, this can be done relatively quickly in comparison to a physical server.

This reduces your server costs and is also better for the environment as they use less energy.

VPS’s can be used for many uses such as remote desktop servers, database servers, file servers and more.

All of our VPS’s reside on Tier 1 servers and are housed in our secure data centre See our data centre by clicking the following link:

You and your staff can access your VPS from anywhere, from any device, via an internet connection. All data is kept in Australia.

 Dedicated Hardware Server 

A dedicated hardware server is a physical server that is housed in our secure data centre, instead of in your offi ce, is housed in our secure data centre. See our data centre by clicking the following link:

Your physical server can be used for any of your business’s requirements, for example – remote desktop servers, database servers, file servers, web servers and more.


We are a Microsoft SPLA (Service Provider License Agreement) Partner which allows us to offer you a subscription service for all of your Microsoft product needs e.g. Windows server, Exchange, SQL, Remote Desktop Server, Office applications and more. This allows your business to pay monthly, only for the software that you use rather than have a large capital outlay. No more need to purchase Microsoft software, have staff leave and have expensive software ‘sitting on the shelf’. If a staff member leaves, you simply let us know, we delete their licenses and you no longer pay for them. SPLA software comes automatically with software assurance meaning you get updates and new versions at no extra cost.

As each business’s software requirements are unique, we will provide a custom quote for your SPLA licensing needs.

 Web Hosting 

We are often asked by potential clients about web hosting and what should you look for from a web hosting service. Our short answer is to select a provider who is completely flexible.

We understand that business has a wide variety of needs and expectations from a web hosting service and believe sideEffekt is different because we can:
– Host your website whether its Linux, Apache, IIS 6 through to 11
– Provide web site design and create web based tools to complement your website
– Provide detailed analytical data on how your webpage is performing
– Work with you on an ongoing basis to improve the performance and functionality of your site
– Back up your website

For a more comprehensive protection and management package for your WordPress site, click here to see our WordPress Protection and Maintenance Package

 Microsoft Office 365 

This is Microsoft’s own very small business version of sideEffekt’s managed services.

sideEffekt is a Microsoft Cloud Partner, can manage all aspects of your Microsoft Office 365 set up/migration from ordering, to configuration on your devices. If you already have Office365 we can manage this for you also.

Back-up of data can be provided in our secure data centre at an additional cost.

Office 365 has many versions, from small business to large enterprises, therefore pricing will be provided once we are aware of your needs.

 Microsoft Azure 

Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through a network of Microsoft-managed data centers.

This is the public cloud version of sideEffekt’s Managed Private Cloud suite of products.

As a Microsoft Cloud Partner, sideEffekt can order, configure and manage your Azure service as well look after migration from your current system to Azure.

Data sovereignty can have ramifications if hosted overseas however we can back up your data and store it in our secure on-shore data centre.

Prices vary dependant upon requirements. POA.

 Google Apps for Business 

Google Apps is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps you and your team connect and get work done from anywhere on any device. It’s simple to setup, use and manage, allowing you to work smarter. Google Apps include: Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides and has generous storage inclusions.

As an authorised Google Apps reseller and integrator, sideEff ekt can show you all that Google Apps has to offer for your business.

We will manage the data migration for you and can then train you and your staff on how to use Google Apps. We can even help integrate Google Apps with other software to give you a seamless group of
products. We can mix and match your onsite servers and software, with Google Apps and/or sideEffekt’s private data centre – or any combination.

We can also backup all of your google apps data and store it in our secure data centre to ensure data sovereignty.