Google, Huawei, US and China Governments!!

As Australians, and considering data sovereignty, control of our data, and privacy, I feel it’s time to put this issue on the radar in our decision making processes.

I can’t help but feel we can no longer trust the international technology giants and overseas governments when it comes to being in control of our data and ensure our data stays safe and private.  We can blame no one else if we have data breaches when we haven’t made educated decisions.  It turns out it’s not a long stretch to have the rug pulled out from under us (see Donald Trumps actions 17/05/19)

To date I have mostly taken the approach with my own personal internet presence and data that “I have nothing to hide”.  What I do in our own business has been different – its key that our private data, and the data we hold for our clients, stays private.   Do we trust Google?  Do we trust Microsoft?  Do we trust Huawei? Do we trust Apple? What public Clouds do we trust or do we keep everything at arms length and stay with on Premises solutions for our clients or our own Private Cloud?

We have been big proponents of the “Cloud” since 2001.

Here at sideEffekt we use a mix of Google Pixel’s, Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhones and Huawei!

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